This Restaurant Has The Best Biscuits In Kentucky

Photo: Getty Images

There's nothing quite like a warm, fluffy biscuit topped with butter and filled with your favorite add-ins.

Cheapism compiled a list of the best biscuits in each state. The website states, "The perfect biscuit, for many people across the country, is not easy to come by. From the Pacific Northwest to the South, people revere biscuit recipes, only tweaking them when absolutely necessary. In this big old biscuity world of ours there are just so many options out there."

According to the list, the best biscuit in Kentucky comes from Doodles in Lexington. The website explains what makes this restaurant's biscuits so special:

"For 13 years, Doodles has been a thriving part of the NoLi neighborhood of Lexington. It’s found an excuse to stick a biscuit on the side of a great many of their menu options, and that should be your first hint not to skip one. Whether you drown it in gravy, use it to mop up your shrimp and grits, or grab hold of it as a breakfast sandwich, Doodles won’t let you down."

Check out the full list of places to get each state's best biscuit on Cheapism's website.

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