This Restaurant Serves The Best Calamari In Kentucky

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Fried calamari is a tasty seafood dish that always satisfied. The lightly battered and delicately fried rings of squid are often served as an appetizer but make the perfect main course as well.

Eat This, Not That! compiled a list of the best restaurants in each state to get fried calamari. The website states, "From traditional recipes that are served with zesty marinara, to options that incorporate unexpected ingredients (such as artichoke hearts and cornmeal), here are some of the best places to get your fried calamari fix."

According to the list the best restaurant in Kentucky for getting fried calamari is Mussel and Burger Bar in Louisville. The website explains:

"Mussel Burger and Bar is the neighborhood eatery that puts an exciting spin on tried and true seafood classics. For instance, in their calamari dish they incorporate black olive aioli, mixed capers, and pickled Italian peppers, and toss the fried squid in a spicy-sweet sofrito sauce. One Yelp reviewer was so satisfied with their order that they took to the review site to write: "We started with the Moules Basquaise mussels and calamari…ADM (Oh My God in Spanglish)!!!! Both are just exquisite!! The calamari had great flavor.""

Check out the full list of the best places to get fried calamari in each state on Eat This, Not That!'s website.

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