1 Kentucky City Among America's Most Underrated Travel Destinations

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If you're looking for the perfect getaway but don't want to travel far, then you're in luck! One place right here in the state landed among America's most underrated travel destinations.

Reader's Digest compiled a list of the 14 most underrated US travel destinations to visit now. The website states, "To pull together our list of the best underrated destinations in the country, we consulted travel professionals, scoured online reviews and then cross-checked our picks with travel sites."

According to the list, Lexington is among the most underrated travel destinations in the US. The website explains:

"Skip the busy city of Atlanta, and try this underrated travel destination instead. The Southern gem offers the kind of cool public art, unique shopping and elevated dining you’d expect in a city. In fact, it boasts 120 locally owned restaurants, including seven helmed by chef Ouita Michel, who’s been nominated for numerous James Beard awards. But Lexington has even more going for it with some unique features—namely, its easy access to the great outdoors and more than 400 horse farms."

RD says you should definitely check out the zip-line canopy tour with Boone Creek Outdoors and stay at the Lexington's Elwood Hotel & Suites.

Check out the full list on RD's website.

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