This Is The Most Underrated Town In Kentucky

Photo: Getty Images

Each state has their own charming little towns that don't get the recognition that they deserve.

Cheapism compiled a list of the most underrated towns in each city. The website states, "We scoured online reviews and rankings to uncover desirable destinations that don't typically get extensive national attention, yet offer tremendous value to visitors and locals alike. Our selections took into account towns with a range of attractive offerings, including cultural attractions, outdoor activities, great dining and shopping options, low cost of living, and high quality of life, among other factors."

According to the list, the most underrated town in Kentucky is Covington. The website explains:

"Centrally located Covington offers residents a quick drive to Ohio or Indiana. In fact, a beautiful, newly refurbished suspension bridge links the city to Cincinnati just across the river. Covington locals are engaged and involved, with 19 neighborhood organizations representing the town and working with elected officials to improve the city's quality of life."

Check out the full list of the most underrated towns in each city on Cheapism's website.

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