This Week's Weird News 6/4/21

Revelations concerning the forthcoming Pentagon UFO report, a teenager who saved her dogs from a bear, and an 'alien entity' spotted in India were among the strange stories to cross our desk this week.

A California teenager was hailed as a hero this week after she daringly fended off a bear that had gotten into a confrontation with her family's dogs. The jaw-dropping scene, which was captured on video by a home security camera, began when Hailey Morinico heard her pets causing something of a commotion in her backyard. Upon going outside to see what all the fuss was about, the teen was stunned to see a sizeable bear sitting atop a wall in her backyard and swiping downward at the dogs. What happened next was nothing short of amazing as the Morinico ran towards the ferocious creature, shoved it to the ground, gathered up her pets, and dashed back inside to safety.

This past week saw a particularly puzzling piece of footage emerge out of India and some suspect that the video could show an alien walking down a road. The strange scene was filmed by some bewildered witnesses who were driving down a road in the community of Hazaribagh when they spotted a tall pale figure that sported unusually long arms. Despite their attempts to communicate with the being, it seemingly ignored them and simply continued walking along unfazed. The footage of the oddity subsequently popped up online in India, where it went viral and spawned all manner of theories as to the nature of the eerie stranger.

Hopes for UFO disclosure were dealt a harsh blow this week when it was revealed that the much-anticipated Pentagon report on unidentified aerial phenomena will contain largely inconclusive conclusions as to the nature and origins of the odd objects. Government officials who have seen the study, which is due to be released to the public later this month, told the New York Times that the DoD found no evidence to suggest that the UFOs seen by Navy pilots are alien spacecraft, though apparently the report found that the objects were not secret American projects either, which has some wondering if perhaps the puzzling anomalies are some kind of hypersonic technology developed by China or Russia.

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